Nikko Adventure Travel Blog Launch!


Welcome to Wild in Nikko, so I have finally decided to start a blog, what kind of blog? Well in short this blog is going to cover 2 broad topics


  1. Detailed tourist information on the Nikko area, with a focus on nature, adventure, culture related, from a long term residents perspective.
  2. Stories and insights into my personal pursuits mainly consisting of yabusame, horsemanship and dirtbike riding.


A little more in depth introduction, I am Michael originally from Melbourne, Australia, a resident of Nikko since 2013, Since a kid I’ve always been big into nature and the great outdoors, something Nikko certainly has a lot of. It may also seem to be a very strange time to start such a blog considering all the uncertainty in the future of travel, true as that is, this has been something I have entertained for quite a few years now, and even if the situation never changes or my site is never discovered, I would still certainly regret not documenting my experiences, at least as a journal of sorts.  


What I have to offer travellers to Nikko 

I may be being a bold, but when it comes to Nikko, I might be the most knowledgeable foreigner, not that that would be very hard there, isn’t really that many living here, though I see a big increase in recent years. Regardless of if I can claim the non-existent “Nikko’s most woke foreigner” crown, I do have insights on Nikko that will help you make the most of your time here.

Now, apart from the fact that I’ve never been much of a writer, one of my hesitations to blog was the fear of losing all my favorite local places and secret spots, however I’ve come to realize over the years I have enough “secret” spots that I can probably share a little more. 

One of my goals for starting this blog is to increase understanding of what Nikko has to offer, and to change the common and in my opinion erroneous belief that from Tokyo, Nikko is a day trip destination. Over the years, I’ve come across countless ill informed travellers, who make this day trip mistake that I also made the first time I came.  I first came to Nikko as a tourist in 2010 for a day trip, I was particularly unprepared, and though I still had an amazing time, as I prepared to head back to Tokyo, I gazed up at snow capped Mt Nyoho in the back drop of Nikko station and I knew I hadn’t even scratched the surface, I was disappointed but not in Nikko.

Nikko has changed little and a lot in those 10 years, in most regards it basically the same though there has been a lot of work in town beautification of main tourist areas, the real change is the mindset of local businesses, and the amount of young people taking initiatives working hard to create new and interesting businesses putting a new energy into the town, something much needed in most of countryside Japan. 

I hope this blog will benefit travellers and locals alike.


Now, what’s all this talk of yabusame, horses and dirt bikes?  

Well I wont go into much here, but yabusame, horses, dirt bikes and a few other adventurous pursuits are kind of my thing. These topics are close to my heart and may be of interest to others, there is very little English resources on yabusame. 


My biggest reason to settle in Nikko in the first place was to realise my dreams to become a mounted archer of yabusame, a Shinto ritual performed at shrines throughout Japan, a journey that I have now been on for 7 years.  

Through my experiences, I developed a desire to gain all knowledge of these incredible creatures, including other disciplines, training, and very importantly welfare which I passionately continue to study daily and undoubtably till the end of my walk.

Dirt Bikes

Since being a teenager I have been mad about motorbikes, Japan has a strong but pretty under the radar dirt bike scene, there is incredible riding and terrain out here that I expect to write about from time to time.


My growing list of hobbies is a problem…

Scuba, Ice climbing, and now it seems SUP will be added, it is a problem for sure, though I only get to do them a limited amount of times a year, they are things I love and will be of interest to certain adventurous travellers.